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8:57 | November 5, 2015

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Some snapshots from the last 2 days here in New York and pre-looks of my outfits that I will be posting soon with outfit details of course! :) So far we have been in Soho most of the time where we also booked our hotel. Fav area! But today we were in midtown to get some traffic shots with all the cabs! Haha I swear I was inches from being hit by cars multiple times during the day. But it’s all worth it for those great outfit pictures right? ;) #socialmediaisnotreallife haha. The girl who started that hashtag is seriously tripping though and I’m very offended by the way she has portrayed this profession. No, social media is not always real life stuff but it’s work! And most importantly connecting with your fans, followers and other people sharing something you love doing! Although I do think it’s important for everyone to know that they should definitely not feel bad about their pictures not turning out the same as a bloggers or social media influencers. Because we are professionals at making pictures look good and it’s a lot of work behind it. So don’t feel bad. I don’t feel bad because I can’t preform heart surgery because I’m not a doctor. ;) Hope you guys get my point! xx.

Lite snapshots från de senaste 2 dagarna här i New York och lite pre-looks på mina outfits som jag kommer posta snart med outfit detaljer såklart! :) Än så länge så har vi mest hängt i Soho där vi också har vårt hotell. Favvo området! Men idag var vi i midtown för att få lite trafik streetstyle bilder med alla taxibilar! Haha jag lovar jag var verkligen centimeter från att bli överkörd av alla bilar vid ett flertal gånger idag. Men det är värt det tillslut när man får de där perfekta streetstyle bilderna ;) #socialmediaisnotreallife haha. Tjejen som startade den hashtagen gör mig faktiskt fett lack och jag blir verkligen förolämpad av sättet hon målar upp vårt yrke. Nej, sociala medier som bloggar och Instagram är inte alltid real life stuff men det är ett jobb och en del av våra liv! Och viktigaste av allt – att dela med sig till sina fans, följare och andra människor av någonting som man älskar och tycker om! Dock tycker jag verkligen att det är viktigt att ni ALLA ska veta att ni absolut inte ska må dåligt över om era bilder inte blir lika fina som en bloggares eller Instagram-profils för vi är proffs på att få bilder att se bra ut och det är vårt jobb. Det ligger väldigt mycket arbete bakom! Så må inte dåligt över det. Jag mår inte dåligt för att jag inte kan göra en hjärtoperation för jag är inte utbildad doktor ;) Hoppas att ni förstår hur jag menar! xx.

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This is a New York story

3:10 | February 17, 2014
IMG_8950 2

photo-21BYE BYE NEW YORK – it’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times.

Hat: Got it at Nordstroms
Sunglasses: STELLA MCCARNTEY (link)
Jeans: H&M
Bag: GIVENCHY (link)

I’m loving the ad for the movie winter’s tale – “This is not a true story it’s a love story”. Unfortunatelly this is not a love story, this is a New York story.

I was only planning on staying in New York for 2 days for my meetings and come back later in the spring to enjoy the city. Since I am not really a fan of cold weather. My first 2 days in New York was perfect (minus some robbing set backs, street smart isn’t my nickname.) The apartment was perfect, the sun was shining, New York was exactly what I had pictured it to be. Yellow cabs and traffic lights, rough streets and people in timbs screaming at each other.. My only question was where is Drake? (Yes, he is my only celeb crush.) I hated Times Square of course for the same reasons I hate Hollywood blvrd. But still a must see. I took a quick look at Central Park. Would die for a horse and carriage ride there like Carrie and Big. “Not corny. It’s classic.” Maybe next time!

After my 2 days in New York was over I had planned for me to go to L.A on the 12th. Unfortunately the cold NYC weather took things to a whole other level the day I was going. A major snowstorm hit the city and everything became pure chaos. Traffic was insane, cars couldn’t come through and got stock in snow and I missed my flight.. And since all the flights were getting cancelled because of the bad weather and Valentines Day was coming up and everyone wanted to go home to their loved ones there were no new flights for under 1000-2000 dollars. I mean good god.

Sad only begin to describe how I felt standing alone at JFK when I had missed the checkin literary with 5 minutes. I was hoping to get in on the next flight as a standby so I sent my whole bag to L.A with all my things but there was no way anyone was getting on as a standby for those flights. So now my bag was in L.A but I wasn’t. I spent the next 2 days crying on the phone to a very tired man in L.A. And I got to spend Valentines Day in New York all alone. I am so sorry, J face.

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New York

22:50 | February 14, 2014

Love my new t-shirt – romantic. Because I am! Don’t want a lot of things from a lot of people but everything from one person. I’m making it hard though, haha. Any way you can get the t-shirt here (link).

Sneakers: ISABEL MARANT – link
Jeans: H&M
Earrings: MIRIAM SALAT – link

NEW YORK. NEW YORK. I rented this apartment with amazing views over the city for my stay here. The empire state building is just outside my window. Which is pretty cool because even when your at home by your computer your still enjoying the city.

And New York is just like I imagined it to be. Both good and bad let me tell you, haha.