Paris snapshots

15:20 | December 30, 2013
IMG_5385 2

HAD SUCH A great time during my 2 days stay in Paris! Spent the whole first day in the studio shooting for Aquathermes. I have never been to Paris before so after we were done around midnight Henry and Mahih was kind enough to show me Paris by night from the car. The day after I was free to enjoy Paris so Henry took me to see the eiffeltower, arc de triomphe (walking the 250 steps up arc de triomphe in heels was no joke though), Notre-Dame, Louvre, Champs-Élysées. And he helped me take some outfit pictures for you guys haha. Thank you Henry! Then we met up with Julien and Mahih and we all went to Colette and Isabel Marant so that I could go shoe shopping. Then Ladurée for macarons. Amazing and so french! And I got to take some macarons with me back to Sweden too. In the evening we went to dinner at Marly in Louvre which was even more beautiful by night! After dinner they took me clubbing until 5 in the morning haha. Want to thank the owner of Aquathermes Julien, Mahih, Henry and Ismael from French Cut for a very lovely time in Paris! Definitely made some new friends and wish to come back soon!

Got back to Sweden saturday afternoon where I had a let’s say very unpleasant evening back. My phone is gone and I can’t go anywhere for New Years because of how I look and feel. Gonna stay home with some ice cream until I look and feel better.