Johanna Emma Olsson is a social media influencer residential in Stockholm, Sweden. As Scandinavias largest luxury fashion and lifestyle influencer she shares her outfits, love of shoes and lifestyle on a daily basis with her followers. With and emphasis on making luxury fashion approachable and her style attainable – “I want my blog to feel like that stylish friend of yours with a closet full of Chanels you could ask for anything!” Johanna says. Full-time blogger since 2012 she is catering the trend-setting fashion lovers between the ages 18-34. She has years of experience working in fashion and social media and today Johanna reaches her audience of hundreds of thousands daily followers through original web, Instagram and on her Snapchat.
The 25 year old swede grew up in Ramlösa, Sweden, but later moved on to live in both London and Los Angeles where she grew her international fan base. Today she is constantly traveling with her boyfriend and photographer Eric, bringing her followers inspiration from every corner of the world. But Johanna does not only want to inspire in fashion and style “I want everyone to be inspired with life in general. I try to share a big dose about what my every day life is about with a lot of girl power” Johanna continues. Opening a window to her luxurious but hard working world.