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20:23 | March 26, 2017

In collaboration with Mapiful

Home is where your Mapiful is! I love this idea that you can search for any part of the world on their website and make a poster out of it! For example I can search for Ramlösa where I grew up or I could search for a favorite holiday destination like Maldives. To me it was most fitting to have it in my bedroom where I can sort of dream away to my favorite location! Malibu is the type of place that I wish to live someday so for my it is somewhat of a vision board to have it next to my bed. Right now you get 15% off with the code JOHANNA15.

Home is where your Mapiful is! Jag älskar idéen att man kan ta vilken del av världen som helst och göra det till en poster man kan hänga på väggen! Jag hade exempelvis kunnat ta Ramlösa där jag växt upp eller en semester-favorit som Maldiverna. För mig var det mest passande att ha min Mapiful i sovrummet där jag kan drömma mig bort till min destination! Malibu är ett ställe där jag gärna hade bott någon dag så det blir lite som en vision-board att ha den där bredvid sängen! Just nu får ni 15% med koden JOHANNA15.



16:53 | March 24, 2017

In collaboration with Batiste

A must have for me to always have with me in my gym bag and on all my travels are my Batiste Dry Shampoo. I think it’s one of the absolute best dry shampoos ever (and I have tried a lot of them) and it is also one of the most affordable ones. Which of course is a win! I love the smell of all of them as well. The fact that you can get them for dark hair is also a plus. But I don’t think the classic one makes your hair that white anyway so I tend to go for either of the two. One of my absolute best tips for when you want to try and wash your hair less often and to also look good after a visit to the gym!

Ett måste för mig att ha med mig i gym väskan, på alla mina resor, och ja i alla mina väskor är ett torr shampoo från Batiste! Jag tycker de är ett av de absolut bästa torr shampoo som finns (och jag har provat en hel del) det är också ett av de billigaste. ÄLSKAR när man hittar såna produkter. Sen gillar jag att man kan köpa för mörkt hår också så att det inte blir helt vitt, brukar föredra det när jag har nyfärgat hår men tycker faktiskt inte att deras “classic” blir sådär jättevit så brukar variera mellan de två. Torr shampoo är mitt absolut bästa tips för när man vill börja tvätta håret lite mer sällan och även att vara snygg efter gymmet!


Favorite luxury retreat

17:08 | March 20, 2017

It has become a tradition for us to spend some time at one of the Alila Resorts while we are in Bali. Last time we were at the Alila Villas Soori and this time we tried out the Alila Villas Uluwatu. The same Alila concept that we love but a different location. What we love so much about the Alila resorts is definitely the calming and sooting colors and the luxurious but yet simplistic feel of the resorts. I personally love that combination. It makes you feel close to nature because you focus less on distracting colors or details but more on the beauty of the Balinese landscape and the beauty of the simple things. For me this also helps me find some inner peacefulness. Other details I love about Alila and what really makes it stand out to me is this feeling of freedom to do what ever you want with your vacation and that you don’t have to worry about anything. A clear example of this is that every villa has it’s full case of products for your every need. This may sound like a very superficial and girly thing. But the knowledge of having everything from mosquito bite spray, to sunscreen to facial mists in my villa makes me feel so calm. Forgetting a beauty essential on vacation for me could be so stressful. I remember when I was in the Maldives and I forgot my hair ties. BIG mistake. Since all resorts has it’s own Island there is only one shop on each island and they didn’t have any hair ties. Not to exaggerate but it ruined some of the experience for me to constantly feel my sticky long hair against my back in that heat not being able to put it up in a pony.  It is a true form of luxury for me to know everything is there if I need it and I don’t have to worry about it. Now when I’m back home it’s so easy to day dream about booking a ticket and pack a minimal suitcase and just go without any stress about what I need to bring. Another thing I love is that they always change up their breakfast menu with a lot of exciting and healthy options each day. It really makes me feel like they care about doing something inventive and exciting for me to start my day in the best way. I also love the fact that you can choose upon your arrival weather you would want a full on butler service for your villa or you prefer to have help upon request. Again I just love the freedom of the choice.

What difference the Soori location from the Uluwatu location is that the Uluwatu location is situated high up on a cliff with magnificent views of the ocean and forrest. The lounge area which is hanging out from the infinity pool is iconic and having a drink there just enjoying the view is magical. The manager also told me that they are in process of building a Hakkassan restaurant just next to the Alila Villas Uluwatu resort that will be finished by the end of this year. Hakkassan is one of my absolute favorite restaurants so to me that just had me completely sold. They will also have a few suites there that I am sure will be out of this world. We also had the pleasure of trying their restaurant Quila which serves fine dining food but it also takes you on a full on experience for all your senses. I will tell you more about that experience in a later post.



Matchy matchy with robes and Calvin Klein

15:35 | March 16, 2017

Content created for Calvin Klein

A lot of Robe life with my sister lately. She has joined me in my business again which means we can spend more time together and she can be with me on all my trips which is absolutely amazing! Love having her with me and being able to work together is the absolute best thing ever. But we have had some stressful months lately so she hooked me, her and my boyfriend up with a suite at The Kensington hotel together. One of my favorite hotels in London. What an angel she is! So we had a complete movie night with room service and just spending time in robes all day and all night and of course pancake breakfast in the morning. We wore our matching Calvin Klein watches for the day. I love matching items with my sister because we basically look like twins, or we get that a lot at least. So it’s always fun to confuse people even more. So we have double of so many clothing items because we basically have the same sense of style as well. But I have to say my favorite matchy-matchy is wearing hotel robes. So comfy! Then a watch is just the perfect accessory. Calvin Klein watches here.

Mycket Robe life tillsammans med min syster på senaste. Hon har börjat jobba tillsammans med mig igen vilket betyder att vi spenderar mycket mer tillsammans och hon kan följa med på alla mina resor vilket är helt fantastiskt! Älskar att ha hence med mig och att jobba tillsammans är det absolut bästa. Men har blivit mycket stressigt med en massa jobb på senaste så hon fixade att vi allihopa fick mysa till det på en svit på The Kensington hotel. Ett av mina favoriter i London! Vilken ängel hon är. Så vi hade en hel film kväll med room service, morgonrocken på hela dagen och såklart pannkaks frukost. Vi hade på oss våra matchande Calvin Klein klockor hela dagen. Vi älskar att matcha saker tillsammans så att vi ser ut som tvillingar, vi får i alla fall massvis med frågor om det hehe. Vi har så mycket av samma kläder och bytar oftast outfits med varande då vi har i stort sätt samma stil också. Men jag måste säga att min favorit matchy-matchy är hotel robes. Så mysigt. Då är en snygg klocka perfekta accessoaren! Calvin Klein klockor här.


New York

23:17 | March 7, 2017

I just love being casually dressed up! Was wearing the coat from my collection with one of my favorite sweaters from designers remix and my NY cap on a casual day in NY prepping for FW. Now fashion month has just come to an end and oh my gosh it has been so hectic. Sorry for being so horrible with the updates here on the blog but I just haven’t had the time. xx.

Jag älskar att vara lite casually dressed up! Jag hade på mig min gråa kappa från min kollektion och en av mina favorit tröjor från Designers Remix tillsammans med min NY keps när jag var i New York. Nu är fashion week precis över idag och det har varit så galet hektiskt. Har inte haft tid att blogga eller någonting. Helt galet. Sorry babes. xx.