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17:28 | June 21, 2016

lush-blushBoss Orange silk pants, Rodebjer tee, Nars blush, Saint Laurent bag, Miu Miu espadrilles

Do I need to mention how wonderful these Miu Miu espadrilles are? And I love that pink Rodebjer color.

Behöver jag nämna hur underbara dessa Miu Miu espadrill skorna är? Och jag älskar den där rosa Rodebjer färgen.

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  1. Lani on

    Hi beautiful Johanna!
    What do you think of the Givenchy Pandora Mini Box in black/gold hardware? What’s a better “first investment bag” between the Givenchy one and a Saint Laurent Classic Monogram Satchel/the one with the tassel? I thought I always wanted the YSL but it feels like many people has that particular bag so I can’t really decide.

    I would be so happy if you took your time to answer. xx from London

    • johannaolsson on

      I prefer the Givenchy over the Saint Laurent one. If I would recommend you a “first” bag I would recommend the Givenchy Antigona in small though. Good quality and holds up really well, fits a lot of stuff and goes with basically everything except evening wear. xx


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