2014 recap

18:27 | December 29, 2014


Food of the year: Macarons and hotel breakfast? #AllYearEveryYear
Drink of the year: Italian lover as I am I always love a Aperol Spritz
Travel: After being a total travel junkie (mostly spending my time in the US) I started the year with New York, Miami and L.A for some months. But then kept it within Europe with Cannes, Rome, Milano, Barcelona, Portofino, Nice and London. Finished it off with a surf trip to Morocco. I checked a lot of new places off my bucket list this year!
Love of the year: Louis Vuitton Vivienne bag and my boyfriend Eric that I met through work in the Spring #blessed.
Best time of the year: Spending my birthday in Portofino with my boyfriend. Will remember that night for the rest of my life.
Worst experience: When I missed my flight in New York to go to LA because I was busy doing a mani pedi 3 hours before the flight.
Lesson of the year: Plan a head!
Bag and shoe of the year: I have worn my Givenchy Antigona and nude Aquazzura sexy thing booties to pieces.
Trend of the year: I loved white nail polish (worth missing flights for apparently)
Weirdest thing: Being in the pool with a white alligator for a shoot. #scary
Hopes for 2015: Being a lot more structured with work. Buying a new apartment in Stockholm with my boyfriend. And to cross a few new places off my travel bucket list.

Happy New Year and Lots of Love, J

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8 Responses to “2014 recap”

  1. antonia on

    i adore your sense of fashion and also how you look. i wonder if you could do a post about your diet? you are so slim (you cant weight more than 45 Kilo) and i have searched for it in the Sport-Categorie but found only one post about the HIT-training. i wonder if you could tell me what you normaly eat and if you following some diet? :) <3

    • johannaolsson on

      Haha god no! The least I have been at is 47 kg. Now I’m around 53. :) So I need to go on a diet too. If you have any tips let me know ;)

      • antonia on

        Oh No babe, YOU are the last one who needs a diet. your body is perfect. see, you may weight 53 but look like your weight is around 45. haha never thought you weigh 53 (we all know anyways that the weight doesnt say anything about the figure) your body is amazing. i adore it. the latest bikini photos from morocco…well i can say from woman to woman, YOU ARE PERFECT!!!


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