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20:55 | October 28, 2014

SO I GUESS you can see for yourselves that there won’t be a skincare video today. After trying for DAYS (not hours, days) to make it look as good as I would want it too, it just doesn’t. So I will stick to pictures for now. BUT since I promised to give you some information about my skincare routine today here it is.

So every day I use products from Exuviance. I love their products for my skin, which is far from perfect and these are the only products I have tried so far that actually keeps it under control. Because these prevent me from getting break outs they do make my skin a little bit dry though so what I do is that I swallow a table spoon of flaxseed oil every day to keep my skin smooth from the inside.

On vacation my skin gets even more dry so I like to spoil my skin with hydrating products. I love this cleanser from Carita called lagoon gelee. It feels amazing on the skin! And the mask is amazing too! And this spray I just use when ever my skin feels dry even after applying make up!

Lots of love, J.O

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2 Responses to “Skincare favorites”

  1. Emma on

    Hej Johanna!
    Har en fråga kring ShopBop, hur många dagar tog det innan du fick din leverans? Hur är skorna i storleken, normal eller ska man gå upp eller ner en storlek om man är osäker?
    Tacksam för snabbt svar!! :)

  2. Emilie on

    Thank you for sharing, I don’t know the brand but it looks great! I also have a very dry and sensitive skin, but recently I discovered coconut oil (apply before going to bed) and my skin has never felt better, honestly you should try it!! xx


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