10:51 | May 12, 2014

IMG_1096MY LIFE IN the summer involves a lot of sunglasses and rosé. Or okay, my life in general involves a lot of sunglasses and rosé. So I ordered two new pairs to my sunglasses collection yesterday. The sexxxy sunglasses (yes, that’s their name) from Theirry Lasry in plastic (link here)- I love them! And another pair from Elizabeth and James like I’m wearing in the picture but with mirrored gold lenses (link here). Think I want to get these ones from Saint Laurent too though (link here) – They are so cool.

How ever I have to get back home to my boyfriend for the rosé. Before we started dating I had planned on being in Spain for like a month and then go to Cannes for the film festival with my friend Julien. But I cancelled Cannes so I can go home and be with my boyfriend sooner since he can’t come with because of work. And I don’t want to be anywhere without him ever ever, haha!! #SillyInLove.


Back to dark

12:41 | May 11, 2014

Shoes: AQUAZZURA (here)
Shorts: ZARA
Sunglasses: ELIZABETH AND JAMES (here)

on vacation I stopped by Marre at Bangs while my friend Fanny was doing her hair with him. It all ended in me forcing him to put a dark toner in my hair before I came here. I can’t deal with myself when I’m tanned and have really light hair. And also I had just asked you guys on Instagram if I should be dark or have highlights and EVERYONE told me I should be dark. But to be honest – I don’t like it. I want to have brown hair but this is a little bit too dark so I think I’m gonna redo it when I get back home to Stockholm. Or what do you guys think?



21:01 | May 6, 2014

TJA IS LIKE cio in Swedish – but I’m in Spain. I’m just sayin! Okay, I’m stopping but I’m so happy to be here. Me, my sister and a couple of her friends always come here every year to get ready for summer. My parents will come here soon too!

Today I did this red shellack pedicure and had some drinks in the sun. Me gusta! I just miss my boring working boyfriend. But he has promised me we will go on vacation soon (ok, there was a little extortion involved) but I don’t care we are going!!


Waffles & Earcuffs

13:49 | May 2, 2014

photo-74photo-43HOW LUCKY AM I for having a boyfriend that makes me waffles for breakfast? I’m such a happy girl right now!! DHL also came this morning with my new Swarovski crystal ear cuff that I ordered from Shopbop a few days ago. Unfortunately it’s sold out now but you can get it on their website Shay accessories. I love it and it actually works with so many different things. I will show you some pictures of me wearing it soon!