Beach is better

0:50 | February 21, 2014

I’M IN MIAMI! Lucky for me I was doing some commercial work here for my friend Julien on the 22nd so he got me out of the New York snow storm mess. And since I am a total diva I made a whole vacation out of one days work. So now I am staying here until the 25th. Thank you Julien!! I spent the first day here at a friends family house tanning in their amazing backyard with their dog Chance. He was a total sweetheart and I want to keep him! And most importantly I got my bag back with all my things, I was close to dying for a while. The following days I have just spent enjoying being by myself on the beach and getting some work done at the hotel.


Gold is better

15:27 | February 19, 2014
Skärmavbild 2014-02-19 kl. 15.17.37


GOlD IS ONE of my favorite colors. Makes me happy to look at. I had a gold studded wallet from Alexander Mcqueen before but I forgot it in a flat I rented in L.A. Terrible service not to contact me and give it back though. But I wasn’t really happy with it any way because it scratched so easily. This one from Tory Burch is perfect though so I think I might get it.

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This is a New York story

3:10 | February 17, 2014
IMG_8950 2

photo-21BYE BYE NEW YORK – it’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times.

Hat: Got it at Nordstroms
Sunglasses: STELLA MCCARNTEY (link)
Jeans: H&M
Bag: GIVENCHY (link)

I’m loving the ad for the movie winter’s tale – “This is not a true story it’s a love story”. Unfortunatelly this is not a love story, this is a New York story.

I was only planning on staying in New York for 2 days for my meetings and come back later in the spring to enjoy the city. Since I am not really a fan of cold weather. My first 2 days in New York was perfect (minus some robbing set backs, street smart isn’t my nickname.) The apartment was perfect, the sun was shining, New York was exactly what I had pictured it to be. Yellow cabs and traffic lights, rough streets and people in timbs screaming at each other.. My only question was where is Drake? (Yes, he is my only celeb crush.) I hated Times Square of course for the same reasons I hate Hollywood blvrd. But still a must see. I took a quick look at Central Park. Would die for a horse and carriage ride there like Carrie and Big. “Not corny. It’s classic.” Maybe next time!

After my 2 days in New York was over I had planned for me to go to L.A on the 12th. Unfortunately the cold NYC weather took things to a whole other level the day I was going. A major snowstorm hit the city and everything became pure chaos. Traffic was insane, cars couldn’t come through and got stock in snow and I missed my flight.. And since all the flights were getting cancelled because of the bad weather and Valentines Day was coming up and everyone wanted to go home to their loved ones there were no new flights for under 1000-2000 dollars. I mean good god.

Sad only begin to describe how I felt standing alone at JFK when I had missed the checkin literary with 5 minutes. I was hoping to get in on the next flight as a standby so I sent my whole bag to L.A with all my things but there was no way anyone was getting on as a standby for those flights. So now my bag was in L.A but I wasn’t. I spent the next 2 days crying on the phone to a very tired man in L.A. And I got to spend Valentines Day in New York all alone. I am so sorry, J face.


The tux to his tux

7:38 | February 16, 2014

Skärmavbild 2014-02-15 kl. 18.08.35THIS TUXEDO DRESS is everything! I’m one of those girls who consider it very cute to match your mans outfit. Not in a dorky way though. Like a pink dress to match his pink tie. But there are few things that looks better on a man than a tux. And this dress is the perfect match. It’s sexy, trendy and tasteful.

GET IT HERE (link)!

Of course you can rock this dress on your own. But nothing beats a hot, nicely dressed couple.

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New York

22:50 | February 14, 2014

Love my new t-shirt – romantic. Because I am! Don’t want a lot of things from a lot of people but everything from one person. I’m making it hard though, haha. Any way you can get the t-shirt here (link).

Sneakers: ISABEL MARANT – link
Jeans: H&M
Earrings: MIRIAM SALAT – link

NEW YORK. NEW YORK. I rented this apartment with amazing views over the city for my stay here. The empire state building is just outside my window. Which is pretty cool because even when your at home by your computer your still enjoying the city.

And New York is just like I imagined it to be. Both good and bad let me tell you, haha.