21:44 | January 26, 2014
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SOME PICTURES FROM yesterday. I’m at the airport now boarding for Stockholm in a few minutes. I decided to go for the Versace bag and I love it so much I can’t even explain it to you. I wore it yesterday along with my mcqueen sunglasses. Ordered the bag from Shopbop before I went here. Also got this dress (link). It’s amazing but it was too long on me so sending it back again. How ever I also ordered this robe (link) and I love it! Such a great find. Usually I don’t buy if it’s in polyester but this had such a great design. And it actually feels nice anyway.

Any way, my last day in Miami was great! We all went out to Fisher Island which is like a private members island that was so beautiful and I had some crispy rice that were amazing. In the evening we went to Zuma for some more sushi before we headed out to some hip hop clubs. I don’t like clubs unless it’s hip hop so I can dance, rap and pretend I’m drake (true story.)

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  1. Fanny on

    Hej Johanna!

    La märke till att jag följer en instagram som heter: bodyinstyle. Märkte nu att tjejen skrivit ut sitt eget namn och tagit dina bilder. Den tjejens egna instagram är malveno och hon heter Mathilda Anna O.

    Ville bara att du skulle veta! Tack för en jättebra blogg och instagram!


  2. Linnea on

    Jag vet att jag kanske är ute jätte tidigt nu men jag tar studenten i år och har ingen aning om vad jag ska ha på mig för klänning… vill ha någon som inte alla andra kommer att ha på sig. Snälla snälla hjälp mig!!! tack för en jättebra blogg!! kramar


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