Black and Navy

14:31 | January 14, 2014

Knitwear: HUNKY DORY
Collar: LINDEX
Leather pants: Boutique in Rome (old)

ANOTHER WINTER UNIFORM of mine, knitwear with a collar. This one from Hunky Dory doesn’t have a collar though so I added one I found at Lindex. I actually really like it. And of course also wore my leather pants (good thing I will be taking a break from them while I’m in Miami next week.)

Today I am super busy in the name of vanity.  I am going to Malmö for some face treatments and Cavi Lipo that I will be starting to combine my exercises with to get down to my 100-pounds-look that I am going for this year (haha, don’t judge me.) I’m doing it with Vanessa at ClicksbyV. Also doing my hair at Salong Din stund before going to Miami because it looks horrible!! This will surely take all day.

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  1. Karolina H on

    Åh har du varit på Salong din stund?! Jag har gått till Golly i 2 år och jag älskar henne! Är alltid nöjd när hon fixar och gör mig vacker! =)

    • johannaeo on

      Jag tror faktiskt den var på rea, men är inte säker. Bara tog den i kassan. Du får ringa rundor och fråga? Jag såg inte den på hemsidan heller.


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