21:44 | January 26, 2014
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SOME PICTURES FROM yesterday. I’m at the airport now boarding for Stockholm in a few minutes. I decided to go for the Versace bag and I love it so much I can’t even explain it to you. I wore it yesterday along with my mcqueen sunglasses. Ordered the bag from Shopbop before I went here. Also got this dress (link). It’s amazing but it was too long on me so sending it back again. How ever I also ordered this robe (link) and I love it! Such a great find. Usually I don’t buy if it’s in polyester but this had such a great design. And it actually feels nice anyway.

Any way, my last day in Miami was great! We all went out to Fisher Island which is like a private members island that was so beautiful and I had some crispy rice that were amazing. In the evening we went to Zuma for some more sushi before we headed out to some hip hop clubs. I don’t like clubs unless it’s hip hop so I can dance, rap and pretend I’m drake (true story.)


New hair

18:00 | January 19, 2014
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VERY HAPPY ABOUT my new hairdo!! Had it done the other day by Natalie at Salong Din stund while I was in Malmö and I am so pleased with how it turned out considering how I looked when I got there. I wanted to have brown hair with highlights but my roots were almost black and my ends very blonde. It’s very difficult bleaching my roots – and making my ends darker in between the highlights without ending up with orange roots and green ends, haha. But the results came out beautifully! But I am having it done one more time before going to New York. And I’m also doing my eyelashes with Golly before I go. I want to have them long and natural like Leightoon Meister in Gossip Girl. Love her lashes! And Golly is suppose to be the best so I’m looking forward to it a lot!

Call for hair or lashes appointments on 040-12 28 28 with Natalie or Golly. Golly is also doing lash-styling education classes. Keep in mind that Golly is booked up 2-3 weeks in advance. 


Winter basics

20:00 | January 16, 2014
IMG_6892 2


T-shirt: LINDEX (here)
leather pants: Boutique in Rome (old)
Fur: Got it on ebay
bag: GIVENCHY (here)

DEFINITELY NOT EASY being creative with your outfits during the winter. One of my winter uniforms that always work is black leather pants (I wear like no other pants than these at the moment) and a fur. Paired with a nice pair of high heeled boots and a it bag and you got the look! My Givenchy got the job done today. And my all-year-around basic; the grey t-shirt



19:21 | January 15, 2014

Old picture from when I lived in London, Notting Hill

HI GUYS, I’M lousy with the updates I know. I have been really busy this week with setting up meetings in New York and Stockholm. And also found out I will be going to Miami for Aquathermes next week. Leaving straight from Miami to Stockholm for fashion week on the 27th. But I’m not complaining I have had an amazing start of 2014! I feel so blessed for all the opportunities and nice people I meet and e-meet every day through work.

New outfit pics will follow through out the rest of the week. Went shopping today just to keep you (and myself) happy.


Black and Navy

14:31 | January 14, 2014

Knitwear: HUNKY DORY
Collar: LINDEX
Leather pants: Boutique in Rome (old)

ANOTHER WINTER UNIFORM of mine, knitwear with a collar. This one from Hunky Dory doesn’t have a collar though so I added one I found at Lindex. I actually really like it. And of course also wore my leather pants (good thing I will be taking a break from them while I’m in Miami next week.)

Today I am super busy in the name of vanity.  I am going to Malmö for some face treatments and Cavi Lipo that I will be starting to combine my exercises with to get down to my 100-pounds-look that I am going for this year (haha, don’t judge me.) I’m doing it with Vanessa at ClicksbyV. Also doing my hair at Salong Din stund before going to Miami because it looks horrible!! This will surely take all day.