boots and gloves

22:30 | December 15, 2013
IMG_1671 copy

Wore this look today with my new boots from Max Kibardin (link) and long gloves with my favorite boyfriend jeans.

Jeans: AG
Sweater: Zara
Gloves: Zara
Shoes: Max Kibardin (link)

My hair still looks amazing since yesterday when I got it done by Abbe at Electa (link) in Helsingborg. I was so unsure of how I wanted it to look. I just really wanted a change. So we did new thick highlights, a little higher up than before. And put a toner over it. I am so surprised we were able to get me this light, haha. We also cut it a lot shorter and made my bang thicker. Abbe is also one of the very very few hairdressers in my hometown who can actually style and blow dry your hair. Makes such a huge difference to how you feel walking out of the salon.