We need a new word for over

22:23 | December 31, 2013

2013 is over. Sooo over. We need a new word for over (Carrie Bradshaw voice.)


I definitely did not have a good start this year. I had just broken up with my boyfriend whom I lived with in London and moved there for. So I went on vacation to get away from everything and while I was there I lost a very important job and most of my income. Haha, talk about a crappy start. And the bad things just kept coming. When you are in a situation like that it is very hard to know which people have your best interest at heart. And it’s not easy making the right choices. I definitely made some wrong ones. I didn’t focus on the right things. I pushed away someone I loved and the only thing that had actually made me happy. And I listened too much to what other people said and wanted me to do. And worst of all I waisted my time doing things I don’t even like doing and that I feel like I’m done with.

But this summer I decided to stop sitting around waiting for things to happen to me or other people to do things for me and just go and do it myself. And most importantly try to listen to myself and what I want to do. And by that I actually managed to finish 2013 accomplishing some things I’m proud of. I got back the job I lost at the beginning of the year – but with a much better pay than I had before. I included my sister in my business and she now writes bodyinstyle and is doing an amazing job. Yesterday we had over 20 000 visits in one day. And I went to L.A and I tried, finally. But I far from succeeded with everything (I continued making some bad choices the rest of the year.) MAN, if you only knew one year ago what you know now. At least you can take comfort in the fact that you live and learn because this year makes me want to create a time machine just to go back and punch myself in the face.

It sounds funny but this last month of the year is the first time in my life that I feel like I know what I’m doing. This year I have learned to go after things I wanted instead of just getting things handed to me, or wishing for someone else to do them for me. And it is also the first time in my life someone has put some expectations on me as a person. The first thing has made me believe in myself and the other has made me criticize myself. And I think these two things are the key to being successful and a good person. You need to believe in yourself but still be your own worst critic. But always forgive yourself because as I said before – you live and learn.

So to all you out there celebrating with champagne tonight I want to say cheers to trying your best at being your best. Because it always pays off. You may not always get exactly what you wanted. At least not on the first try. But even when you don’t get it – trying still makes you a better person and that is a win all by itself. And if you do it for yourself you never have to regret it because the only things worth regretting in life is when you don’t give your best. I have learned this the hard way this year.

So cheers to no regrets and to giving your best in 2014!!
Happy New Year!

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