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Because I can

18:03 | November 6, 2013

FEELS UNREAL being able to wear something like this while it’s snowing in north Europe. Not laughing to hard though since I will be going back to Sweden at the end of the month. But basically just for one week (minus some days in Paris as it looks right now) before heading to Spain celebrating Christmas with my family.

Any way – wore my BF jeans from AG today paired with my Louboutins again.jeans

Now when my hair is lighter I can make my lips a bit darker without looking to goth haha. I have only used a dark brown lip pencil today.



Shoes: Christian Louboutin – here 

Jeans: AG – here (C/O shopbop)

Vest: Reiss

Sunglasses: Dita – here (C/O shopbop)


new hair

5:08 | November 6, 2013

SPENT SOME TIME (read a year) at Hairroin in Hollywood doing my hair. The girl who did it for me did a kick as job and I am so happy with it. First I made my ends blonde enough to put this lovely ashy light brown/dark blonde toner over it. My ends was like platinum blonde. And also put a darker toner over the rest of my hair.

I have been very good to my hair for about a year now just letting it rest and grow longer. The only thing I have done to it is putting darker toners in, and mostly just in my roots and haven’t even touched the ends. But I have been so bored with the way I look lately that I wanted to chop my head off. So it was time to do something drastic (and destroying it all over again.) Haha, it is really not that bad but I may need to cut it a bit more. I just did my bang shorter now.

Will show you what I was wearing later today!