17:14 | November 30, 2013
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HERE’S SOME BETTER pictures of my new ring gifted to me from Miriam Salat (link). It is such a great statement piece to wear for the holidays. And it would definitely make a great gift as well, I should know since I am so happy about mine, haha. Paired it with my new shoes from Diane Von Furstenberg (adlink) and my clutch bag from 3.1 Phillip Lim (adlink) (both C/O shopbop)

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    • johannaeo on

      Hi! I know.. Apparently I’m obligated by law to do so, haha. But it actually says now in my text when something is gifted to me. Either I say it’s gifted or write C/O.

      Most of my things are gifted. I just think it looks very bad when you have to constantly write that it is. I pick out everything myself and I always write opinions that are 100% my own so I don’t see why it matters weather I payed for it or not.


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