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Lace and leather

8:28 | October 15, 2013

I have decided that it’s time for leather pants! We’re in the middle of October so for me it is fall – it really isn’t in L.A though (around 90 degrees here) so I’m cooling down with some ice coffee.

Of course I had to add some lace with the leather! I feel like a dark angel in this bra from Mila London! It’s seriously sexy though.. Haha, I didn’t know when I ordered it from Shopbop (link) but it actually splits down the middle of the cups.. So it’s not really meant to be worn anywhere else than in the bedroom with your bf or hubby, haha. But I love my lacy bras so I’m wearing another one underneath since I don’t really do nip slips.

Absolutely adore these pants! They are a total rip off from Mango – looks exactly like the R13’s. I had a pair of R13’s before but they were way to big so had to sell them. Died of happiness when I saw these in Mango a couple of weeks ago since I don’t really think the R13’s are worth the 800 dollar price tag.

The whole outfit:

Pants: Mango

T-shirt: Pull & Bear

Shoes: Nicholas

Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent

Bag: Givenchy antigona




22:27 | October 14, 2013

I love the bedroom with the stars! Something about fall and winter season that makes me like everything shiny and glittery. Thinking about getting a new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers in black with glitter on them. Would be cute!



9:46 | October 5, 2013

I am bored. If you want to ask me some questions I will answer in the comment field.

PS. I am going to do a make up post for you. So all your questions about my beauty and makeup routine will be answered later. :)


“she probably doesn’t exist”

1:37 | October 4, 2013

Had this outfit in a little outfitvideo on my instagram (@johannaeolsson) a couple of weeks ago – but with converse and sunglasses for daytime casual look. Paired it with my aquazzuras yesterday evening. The whole outfit:

Shoes: Aquazzura (link)

Sweatpants: Berhska

Leather top: Mason by Michelle Mason

Have become a little obsessed with making outfit videos. So much easier to be a bit more creative and personal without having to write anything. So tell me if you like it and I will make sure to do it more often (actually it doesn’t matter if you like it or not I am going to do it anyway, haha)

Made this one last night when me and my sister was in Beverly Hills. Had to feature one of my favorite songs from Drake’s new album of course! I am very happy about the turn out actually since I am doing everything myself (with some help from my sister of course.) You could say my creative mind has a little bit of a Kanye-West-Syndrome when it comes to things like this, haha.


No make up

2:25 | October 2, 2013

No make up and a look like someone or something died. Sorry about that. Any way – I am doing a make up post for you like so many of you have requested. I’m just going to do an additional video for it. So wanted to show you what I look like without make up and unfixed hair. My hair is naturally very straight.