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7:22 | September 14, 2013

This was my outfit the day we moved out of the flat. We will be moving back in on monday, I miss it a little! Even if I love staying at the Sheraton Universal, especially enjoy having both gym and pool!

T-shirt: Haute Hippie (link)

Shorts: H&M

Sneakers: Jeffery Campbell

Sunglasses: Dita (link) New favorites for sure!

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99 selfies..

0:16 | September 14, 2013

.. But this bitch ain’t done ;) Good morning everyone. Started the day with some coffee and then hit the gym here at the hotel. Just showered and done my make up for the day. Talk to you later!


Bon chic, bon genre

7:20 | September 13, 2013

Please excuse my french! My blog will be featuring a little bit of french words here and there since I am trying to learn french at the moment. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to speak a few different languages (together with being the greatest cook ever.) But then again I read spanish for years and my spanish is really not impressive. But as long as I can speak it well enough to maintain my image of being well-travelled and cultured I am quite pleased with myself, haha.

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It’s a city dress people

7:18 | September 12, 2013

Yesterday I wore my little city (shitty?) dress. I have been wanting a dress like this all summer and saw so many people wearing it in London (could be because I spent most of my time in Chelsea.) When I finally found one at a Mango outlet in Spain I was  beside myself. But when I showed it to my friends back in Sweden they were all telling me I looked like a woman in an eco friendly fabric store. And I was just screaming over and over – it’s a city dress!!!!

At least I love it! And besides, you can’t look like a fabric seller in Givenchy and a new pair of Diane Von Furstenberg flats. Love these, so comfy! – Get them here

Any way, we tried walking from Studio City to Hollywood blvrd yesterday. According to google maps it was suppose to take one hour and to me that is nothing. I always walked everywhere in London from my flat. But I guess people don’t really do much walking in L.A (other then hiking in the hills) because it was impossible, haha. We got half way and then we had to take a cab. But Hollywood boulevard was awful, didn’t like it at all. And every time I see Madame Tusssauds I want to gag, haha.