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Hint of red

8:05 | September 19, 2013

Went looking for shoes today again. This time a pair of cowboy boots. Didn’t find anything I liked though. And I didn’t bring my camera so snapped some quick photos when I came back home before the sun went down. I was wearing one of my favorite tops from 10 crosby Derek Lam and my YSL shades.

By the way, I get a lot of questions about what camera my photos are taken with – most of them are taken with my Canon 7D. The lens I use the most is Canon EF 50MM f/1.4 USM. The pictures below are taken with my other camera which is a smaller one – Canon G11.

Decided to go with my red lipstick today (Dior roulette red.) Haha, for me this is kind of a big deal since I never really change my make up look, I almost always wear the same. Usually I never use red lipstick but for some reason I really like it at the moment. Think I want to buy a matte one though. This one from Dior can get a little shiny, not really into that unless it’s a more neutral color.

PS: And yes I will do a post about my make up. I get a lot of questions about that as well, haha. 

15 Responses to “Hint of red”

  1. Anonymous on

    Soo happy that you’re blogging more now!! I keep checking your blog everyday and get so happy when you’ve updated! Keep it up beautiful!:)

    • johannaeo on

      använder inte BUS nu. Jag är brun naturligt pga sol. Men när jag använder har jag bara Garniers Sublime Bronze spray i ansiktet.

  2. Anonymous on

    har du pojkvän? vem tar alla bilder? snälla gör ett inlägg och dig själv och ditt liv :) Jätte bra blogg, och otroligt fina bilder!

  3. Saga on


    Skickade ett mejl till dig, vet inte om du såg det? :) Kul att du börjat blogga mer iallafall, fantastiskt fint hår du har!

    Med vänlig hälsning, Saga

  4. Anonymous on

    Är bilderna som är tagna med din Canon 7D photoshoppade så att det blir så suddig bakgrund, eller tar kameran så snygga bilder utan att man behöver redigera de efteråt? Isåfall får man ju införskaffa sig en sådan, älskar dina bilder


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