Amor de España

21:44 | August 11, 2013

I’m at my family’s place in Spain for the 3rd (!) time this year. To relax and better my tan for some days (read 18 days, haha.) Arrived yesterday and have just spent all day in the mediterranean. Life is good.

Today I was wearing my Ann-Sofie Back shades and bikini from calzedonia. All my jewelry are from 21diamonds – Link Here (they currently have a sale going on), love my new necklace from Dyrberg kern ( Here) paired with my dyrberg kern bangle (Here) and my little leaf ring (Here.)



Beautiful and classic with a twist

0:00 | August 8, 2013

I finally have some time to look at my favorite interior design blogs and tumblrs! I am so superficial in the way that I feel empty when I don’t have the time to surround myself and look at beautiful things. Also I absolutely hate it when I am not able to show with the way I dress my mood for that day or if I can’t decorate my home in a way that reflects me as a person. In other words – I hate it when I can’t show people my style. And how superficial is that?

I find it that style can be found in everything about a person – if you have the eye to look for it and are able see it. Of course style can be found in the most obvious things like the way you dress all the way down to what kind of socks you wear. But it is not just about how things look. Style can also be found in the way a person talks, how they smell, how they move and how they act. Style for me are choices. How you want other people to see you. So in many ways, at least for me – style is who you are.

Style is for people who want to define themselves and only people who truly know themselves has good style. If you are a person who constantly trying to define your personal style you are most often also a person who constantly trying to define who you are as a person. And you just like to put it out there because you want people to know. Doesn’t necessary mean you need other people to like it. I rarely care about that. And I love watching other peoples style, it doesn’t have to match my style 100%. But that is what inspiration is all about.