Love for jewelry

2:02 | May 28, 2013

1. Gold Bangle from Dyrberg Kern, 2. Cai Silver bracelet, 3. Rose Gold Bangle from Dyrberg Kern. 4. Love ring from Leaf, 5. Gold Bangle from Sense Copenhagen, 6. Ring from Sense Copenhagen, 7. Ring from Minacara, 8. Bangle with purple crystals from Sweet Deluxe, 9. Bangle with purple crystal from Sweet Deluxe, 10. Ring from Sense Copenhagen, 11. Ring with smoky quartz from Leaf, 12. Bangle from Syster P13. Bracelet from Swarovski Crystallized, 14. Ring from Sense Copenhagen. 15. Ring from Cai, 16. Bangle with zirconia stones from GL.

Some of my favorite pieces from 21 diamonds. Can’t wait to get my next order from them! Was so happy with my last purchase and I get compliments on my rings from Leaf every time I wear them. Thinking about ordering from Sense Copenhagen and Chai next.


Peachy Pink

22:29 | May 26, 2013

The butterfly shorts from Alice + Olivia has really become one of my favorite shorts. So I got them in peach as well. I love to match white on white and think it is such a great look. But for me white is not very good to be matched with other colors and can usually be very harsh and the outfit doesn’t come together in the same way. Cream and peach are way easier to combine with other colors which made these a great purchase. I matched them with my sequin blouse from Diane Von Furstenberg which feels more like a straight jacket then anything else, haha! But I just love it anyway.

Blouse: Diane Von Furstenberg

Shorts: Alice + Olivia (here)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban (here)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin (here)

Even my iphone cover matched my outfit. I am so sad that I don’t have a Iphone 5 so that I can have this cover from Jagger Edge which is amaaazing.


Style is everything

9:46 | May 20, 2013

In everything that you do, in everything that you are and in everything that you say – style is important.

PS: Glöm inte bort att Eva är och sprutar restylane i Malmö den 25e och Stockholm den 27e, ring och boka tid på 0702000955. Snygga läppar är också jätteviktigt ;)


OMS (Oh My Shoes)

2:03 | May 16, 2013

My dream shoes at the moment are the studded Valentinos. I love them and I just feel like I HAVE TO have them – I know you know the feeling… My shoe closet is 99% based on heeled sandals. it’s my favorite shoe to buy for one simple reason: They never go out of fashion. Heeled sandals was hot 20 years ago and will still be hot 20 years from now. So, you know you’ll basically have use for them forever. But these Valentinos are the kind of shoes that you will probably consider insanely ugly after 2 years. But they just look soooo good to me right now that I really don’t care.

And I can’t help but LOVE the new ones in PVC with the crystals!! I think they are the cutest and sexiest shoes ever made. But not only are the nude or white ones sold out everywhere in my size – they are also 1200 pounds. A girl could dream. The regular ones are like 600 pounds. A bit more in my price range. But of course also sold out almost every where. Some kitten heeled ones left but I just simply cannot do kitten heeled shoes, doesn’t suit me at all.

Was looking at these ones from B Brian Atwood. They are also really nice and much more affordable. Especially since they are 20% off – so you might want to get them while they’re hot ;) I do have my eye on a new pair of Monika Chiangs thou.. We will see!


Gypsy Bling

1:02 | May 12, 2013

This is what I have been wearing today after yet another day at the beach where I have burned the back of my poor legs, haha. Want someone who can put cooling aloe vera cream on them ASAP.

LOVE the new body chain from Jacquie Aiche. Adds some gypsy bling to the outfit haha. I think it is absolutely gorge! Especially paired with my necklace from Diana Warner.

And some rose gold from 21 Diamonds to match the rose gold zippers on my Zara shorts. My two rings from leaf (here and here) and my bangle from Dyrberg Kern. And also my knuckle ring from Jules and Smith.

And I was also wearing:

Top: 10 Crosby Derek Lam

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Aquazzura (here)

Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples (here)

Now I am going to sleep, xx!