21 Apr 15:52

DSC_3281 copy
Photo: Oscar Jettman

Sunglasses: YSL

HOPE YOU HAVE all had an amazing easter! Even though I’m away from my family I have had a great time. Stockholm is not so bad this time of year. Yesterday I was in Kungsträdgården looking at the cherry blossom (like everyone else in this city) enjoying some rosé in the sun. Typical swedish spring behavior.

Oscar took these pictures of me the other day while I was texting on the phone, haha. I love these shoes and I am so happy I bought them. When I first got them I was so mad with myself because I never used them. But in Stockholm it’s the perfect shoe and even though they are really high they are so comfortable believe it or not. Good quality! Haha, and regarding my last post. It’s so funny to see that people read what they want to read and see what they want so see. In the end it’s just a reflection of themselves.


True story

18 Apr 19:05

tumblr_inline_n2xfztLxTz1qd9aptDream houses.

THE TRUTH IS I wouldn’t consider my life to be complete if I didn’t end up with a husband that loves me and like 5 kids. AND a multi million dollar house, filled with million dollar things and a million dollar ring. How ever I grew up in a house where money meant nothing and love meant everything. I know how my dad looks at my mom, or when he looks at me, with tears in his eyes because he loves us so much. My parents don’t say much or talk in clichés about how much they love each other. You just know because it’s in their eyes. So because of that I am a true romantic and the most important thing for me is to feel things are genuine. But at the same time I have always craved everything materialistic and I’m obsessed with the $$$.

But I have always had faith in the fact that you can have everything you want in life if you’re good enough to get it yourself. And you can’t be afraid of anything. The belief in that has got me a long way no matter what anyone else has told me. I remember my teacher back in high school was trying to have some sort of exercise with me about the fact that you can’t have everything in life and you have to choose what was most important. It still annoys me to this day. And I’ll show her, and everyone else, that I can make a living showing you that everything you told me was wrong.


Messy bun

17 Apr 19:02

Photo: Oscar Jettman

Shoes: GIVENCHY  (here)
Dress: ZARA
Leather Jacket: FWSS
Sunglasses: YSL

MY NEW FAVORITE hairdo is to just put it up in a low messy bun. Preferably paired with my YSL shades. Was actually able to be bare legged this day as well. Loved it! I am so tired of wearing pants. Every time I’m in front of a mirror getting dressed I always consider my outfit to look way better without pants. Like, just wearing a top and some shoes. True story! Wouldn’t go outside like that though, haha.

And I am so totally in love with this jacket by FWSS. Looks so good with cute little skirts and dresses.